Things That You Should Know To Be a Good Singer

Being a singer and a tough one and not everyone can do that! Knowing how to sing is just a little part, this job requires confidence and contribution to be succeeded in the way to the top. You have to listen to your heart. You have to practice hard and regularly, listen to all kinds of music, choose diets to follow and sometimes attend to singing courses. In fact, if you have the best record player with you, you can listen clearly and feel the spirit of the songs easily. In this article, I will show you some of my experiences to be good singer.

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There are six basic steps that you should follow to improve your body and your voice:

  1. Learning singing techniques:

This is the basic steps for you to achieve in your singing career. Although somebody is not really good at singing, they truly have the singing skills and experiences and improve their appearance and abilities. The profession always give high appraise for them.

  1. Get to know your beloved artist:


How do they sing? How do they become famous singers? Which types of audience do they serve? What is the signature style of them? You have to find out what they have but you don’t have. Maybe the singer has gifted voice, of their songs are very touching, or the dance moves of him or her are very sexy and attractive. However, they are just details for you to look at, do not copy anyone’s style, and create your own. You might be successful with it someday.

  1. Begin to take part in voice practice lessons

There should be a trainer that truly has techniques in his or her voice and pleased to help you in every single mistake you made. If you try hard, you can notice the obvious improvement in the singing voice from just week after. Voice practice is very important not only to amateurs but also professional singers. It affects the whole singing quality. You can lose the tone sometimes if the way you sing is not correct. Find out your vocal range to seek for the best practice activities.

  1. Be relaxed as a performer:

You have to overcome your awareness, do not be shy if you fail or do them wrong, just keep collecting real life experiences everywhere you can sing (karaoke, parties, at schools, classroom, at home…)

  1. Develop your own style

Test your voice with different genres, analyze the features of them that suit your voice or not. After that, find the most suitable one to practice and find the songs. You need everyone to know that is you singing the songs. It is similar to the signature to your voice.

  1. “Being a singer”

No matter how good you sing, you can never be a singer if you don’t have fans. You can never be a singer if no one pays money to hear you sing. That means you should join a band, perform at a coffee store near your house, or even making records to send to producers – the first purpose to live as a singer is that you have earn enough money to raise yourself. So let’s get started and live your dream!


  • When choosing a song on Karaoke, make them impress with the first 30 secs of the song. Do not pick songs that are not your strongest choice in decisive moments.
  • Remember to be yourself, this would help you have the best performance when you must show off your skills and voice.
  • Find the joy of singing. If you love songs and love singing, show it all out whenever you have a chance!
  • Just yourself but don’t think that you know it all. It takes times to improve the sound and the skills. It takes much more time to convince anyone how good you are.
  • Practice anywhere: bathroom, bedroom, in your car. Anytime, anywhere!
  • Take comments from others about your singing. You’re going to need those when you want to improve yourself in singing.

If is very difficult to be a good singer, even if you have many skills and real life experiences. In addition, singing depends mostly on how good you are in singing and also how good you could be in listening to music. Thank you for reading. I will be back with more amazing tips and tricks.

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