Some Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Headphones as New

How to maintain your headphone in best condition? Do you often roll the wires into a big ball of tangle then throw all of it to a corner of the room? This is one of the most common reasons why your headphone is broken quickly. So let’s find out how to protect your headphone!


Headphone is one of the most necessary accessories for modern devices nowadays such as laptop, PC, smartphone or music players, headphone has become one of the most common and important appliances to many people. There are many reasons that make your headphone wear off quickly and out of use somehow. It could be the fault of the product itself, or it might be you – the one who doesn’t know how to protect the headphone from harms. Even the best headphones need a good care to work properly.

Hundreds of lively and hot music matching your style are prepared in your music player or smartphone. With the headphone, you can easily get access to the world of music anytime, anywhere without worrying disturbing other people. That’s the reason why headphones are more and more popular among people especially young generations.

People say: “The durability of a product depends on the user”. And that’s absolutely true to anything. There are countless of bad habits in using the headphone that could pose a threat to its lifespan as well as the functions. Just a few weeks after purchasing, you headphones have to encounter with many problems such as the broken jacks, unclear sounds, wires problems, stuck buttons… So, you might have to spend a large amount of money to fix them or buy a new one.

using headphones

The question is how to protect your headphones and increase the durability of this product?

  1. Put the headphone into the box or bag for headphones with the right size

To keep and maintain the headphone for the best use, you should buy for it or use some bag, or even glasses box with medium size and put your headphone in. With high – end product lines, there is always a box that is specialized for the maintenance of the headphone. Just don’t forget to put the headphone in after using it. This action is not only a solution to protect the headphone from any physical damages from the surrounding but also create a good habit of cleaning and tidying things after using a device for you. If you can do it, your headphone will always in good condition and easy to find whenever you want to use it.

  1. Roll the headphone into a ball after using

This could be the most seen habit in many people. After using the headphone, they have the tendency of rolling it and put it into their pockets.

The first consequence of this action is that the headphone will be tangled especially headphones with wires that are designed with round shape so that it would take you so much time to untangle the whole bunch of wire.

Another bad thing you have to suffer from when doing the rolling to the headphone is about the appearance of the headphone. Apparently being rolled up like that would not only make your headphone being a mess but also creating some cracks and zigzag traces on the wires. Moreover, your headphone could not recover itself into the initial status when it was first used.

The third consequence: After rolling the headphone, where do you throw it?

Coming along with the habit of rolling the headphone into a ball of wire, many people will quickly throw the mess to a corner or somewhere else with other small stuffs… and this is a good condition for dirt and dust to stick inside the ear pad. This layer of dust not only has a negative effect to the outer layer of the speaker that causes some problems with the sound but also affect your ears: some of them can go into your ears and make you suffer from some ears diseases. Besides, throw the headphone to a place with other objects could be is stuck somewhere or crushed under the weight of any heavy objects. This could lead to some problems with the wires such as some cracks or broken strings which happen inside the wires.

To avoid these problems, you should put the headphones into a bag and hang them on the wall or put into boxes with appropriate size.

  1. Don’t hear too loud

Have you heard about the bad effects of listening to music in high volume?

Listen to good music

This is completely true. According to some statistics about diseases of old people at 60s, using the headphone with high volume in a long amount of time is one of the most common reasons.

This is not only a bad habit that might harm your ears but also makes your headphone wear off quickly and decrease the sound quality.

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